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Would you like to get paid using our pool heaters

Electricity in Spain is getting more expensive every day lately. So, how is this possible?

Well, Spain is one of the countries where we can enjoy sun almost all year, so Solar Electricity is a great option to use here. You can use solar energy to use your pool heaters and not pay anything for it.

How does it work?

The electricity generated that you don’t use it’s taken by the electricity company. They don’t pay you money for it but you get a credit in your bill.

So, right now you get 0,11 cents of an euro per kW generated. 

Let’s say you produce 500kwh/month, your energy supplier account will be credited:

500 x 0,06€ = 30€

If you draw 100kwh from the grid (because you didn’t generate enough to cover what you needed), your account is debited:

100 x 0,18€ = 18€

But that leaves a difference of 12€:

30€ – 18€ = 12€

which the energy company won’t carry over to the next billing period or pay you for. On top of that, energy companies still charge the standard fixed standing charges to customers, even if they don’t consume a drop

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